Meet Our Team

Tae Hong Park

Tae Hong Park, Ph. D. is an Associate Professor of Music Composition and Technology at NYU, focusing on electro-acoustic and acoustic music, machine learning and computer-aided music analysis, research in multi-dimensional aspects of timbre, and audio digital signal processing.

Christian Staack

Christian Staack is a Sales, Business Development and Operations Management Specialist with over 25 years of experience in scaling companies. After 11 years of helping grow NaturaMotion from 20 to over 300 employees, he helped in late 2013 facilitating the nearly $600M sale of NaturalMotion to Zynga and the integration of NaturalMotions US employees into Zynga’s workforce.

Min-Joon Yoo
Senior Engineer

Min-Joon Yoo received B.S. in Information & Computer Engineering and Mathematics (double majors) from Ajou University, South Korea, in 2004, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yonsei University, South Korea, in 2006 and 2011, respectively. Yoo had been a research fellow of the Institute of Culture Technology, Yonsei University in 2011-2014, and a visiting researcher at Steinhardt, New York University in 2014-2019. Yoo joined GetNoisy LLC from 2019. He’s interests include machine learning, visualization, and sound/image processing.

Johannes Moenius

Johannes Moenius has been working with GetNOISY since it was founded in 2019. He assumed leadership of GetNOISY in March 2024. As a founder or co-founder of four start-up companies, he brings more than 30 years of business and consulting experience to the table.

Johannes bridges real life business and academia as he teaches global business at the University of Redlands. He is the founding director of the Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis (ISEA) and holds the William R. and S. Sue Johnson Endowed Chair of Spatial Economic Analysis and Regional Planning.

Previously, he taught at the Kellogg School of Management and was a visiting scholar at Tokyo University. He studied Management Science at Bamberg University and Economics at the Technical University in Dresden, Queen’s University, Canada and UCSD, where he received his Ph.D.

He is a regular contributor to the media, such as LA Times, NPR, and PBS. He has presented his work in more than 150 talks at universities, conferences, and government institutions.

Arline Bronzaft

Arline Bronzaft is a Professor Emerita of City University of New York, a consultant on noise impacts worldwide, and serves on Board of GrowNYC, overseeing its noise activities. She has conducted research on impacts of transit noise on classroom learning and on airport-related noise on health of residents, is one of five co-authors of Why Noise Matters (Earthscan 2011), has contributed writings on noise in books, scientific journals and the popular press, assisted in the 2007 revision of New York City’s noise code and was the recipient of the first American Psychological Association Citizen Psychologist Presidential Citation.

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